Cashmere care tips

Rolling is a natural phenomenon in cashmere. Cashmere is a very delicate material and must be treated accordingly. Following these simple rules will help you maintain the look of your favorite cashmere garments:

  • Wash by hand at room temperature or in a washing machine on a wool/silk program in cold water.
  • For washing, use only special liquid detergents for wool or delicate fabrics, which can be found in any store.
  • It is better to dry unfolded.
  • Ironing on the temperature regime for wool with steaming.
  • Do not dry clean the product. From chemical treatment, the fibers become thinner and coarser.
  • Cashmere items must not be worn in. Let your cashmere item "rest" for a couple of days and be sure to wash it after 4-5 uses.
  • Avoid wearing the garment under coarsely lined or unlined outerwear as this can cause rolling.

If you have any questions about the care of the product, our manager is always ready to help you! Just write to us.